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Privacy Policy
Porter Plus acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of its users. Porter Plus collects information that is used to operate the website and expediate a users shipment requirements.

Data Collection

By registering as a user of Porter Plus you provide certain information ("your information") to Porter Plus.
This allows you to utilise the services provided by Porter Plus.
Your information includes:

Personal details: Credit Card details:
(To expediate the process of shipping a package.)
Name Holder name
Surname Credit card number
Email address Expiry date
Physical address CVV number
Postal address
Contact numbers

Your contact details will not be given to any third party. Porter Plus will use this information if required to expediate your shipments and for billing purposes. Porter Plus will also use this information to send you email notifications about updates to the Web site, and to contact you for marketing purposes.

Your credit card information will be encrypted and will be kept confidential by Porter Plus. The security of your credit card information is one of Porter Plus top priorities. It is stored so as to expediate the process of sending a package.

As a registered user you can access your information at any time to assess the quality and accuracy thereof. Should your information not be accurate you should update your information without delay.

If you so require Porter Plus will remove all aspects of "your information" from its databases.

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