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Why should I use Porter Plus?
  • After hours: contact number is available on our website in case of a crisis.
  • We are accessible: if you do not have internet access or are not internet savvy, we can help you telephonically through our call centre on +27 86 043 9773, weekdays between 8-5.
  • We understand what’s important to you: we’ll take care of your needs and will convert your requests into action, quickly.
  • We have extensive logistics experience: there is no problem that we can’t solve – our personalised products and services are designed with your unique needs in mind – we won’t put you or your needs in a box!
  • Our technology works for us: our website will do the work for you – it’s convenient, user friendly, delivers quotes quickly and has a prompt call back service, all at our fingertips, 24/7!
  • Because it’s convenient: Porter Plus collects and delivers to wherever, whenever it suits your schedule.
  • For our bespoke service: our service is customised to your specific collection and delivery requirement.
  • We are reliable: we have a high reliability record – we pledge to have your goods collected and delivered within the selected category time frame and delivery parameters.
  • Your consignment will be safe and secure: there is no need to be concerned about airport baggage mishandling or theft with Porter Plus. Your consignment will arrive in the same condition that you dispatched it in. Comprehensive insurance cover is optional for any unexpected occurrences.
  • We are cost effective: we are so confident of our pricing that we will knock 5% off any valid quote from any competitor.
  • You can travel hassle-free: now there is no need to battle with heavy luggage, standing in check-in queues for hours, or waiting at the baggage belt hoping that your bags will be next.
  • We give you peace-of-mind: with Porter Plus, you can enjoy convenient travel, knowing that all you need to take care of getting yourself to your destination.
  • Easy paperwork: complete packaging’s list and security form overleaf and we will collect from you! Visit our website or give us a call to get the ball rolling.